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Environmental protection and sustainability are priority at Generative HSE. We provide services that prevents or mitigates the negative impact of industrial, mining and agricultural activities on the immediate environment and the planet at large.

Anthropogenic (industry, mining or agriculture) activities have been shown to have significant negative impact on the environment (air, water and soil). The degree of anthropogenic impacts on the environment is dependent on factors such as the type, quantity, usage, storage, handling, distribution or transportation and disposal of chemicals or wastes. Also important are the biochemical nature of the environment, type of environment and time of substance release. Wherever your company falls on this spectrum (production, use, storage, transportation or disposal of chemicals or wastes), we are here to help you.

Whether you need to continuously or periodically monitor your industrial effluents, need environmental site assessment (ESA phase I, II & III), design & manage project wastes (recyclables, hazardous and non-hazardous), monitor/assess ambient or indoor air quality, prevent or control spills or obtain permits/approvals for your environmental project, we can sure help.

Our services are rendered through competent scientists, who are trained in the use of reliable technologies, software, best management practices (BMP) and excellent customer care.


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