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Environmental permitting involves obtaining the social license to carry out projects that may impact the environment and the commitment to comply with local or regional laws, regulations and guidelines. The process of obtaining approvals/permits/authorization for industrial or commercial projects requires documentation of pre-site conditions, evidence of due diligence to avoid detrimental impact on the environment and post-activity plan to restore impacted environment to pre-site conditions. You can count on Generative HSE Inc to take care of the complexities and help you avoid fines, penalties or cessation orders. Our goal is to assist our clients to understand the permitting process, obtain environmental permits for projects in a timely manner and help maintain compliance with the permit’s requirement for the duration of the project and reclamation process.

Our team of qualified experts will

  • Interprets local and regional/state environmental policies, standards, guidelines and regulations in relation to specific environmental aspects of projects
  • Consult with officials in the permit granting jurisdiction to understand specific requirements
  • Systematically manage the permit application process
  • Prepare clear, detailed and accurate reports on environmental data (land, vegetation, water, wildlife, wetlands and air) compiled during desktop and field assessment and other documentation in support of the permit application
  • Provide mitigation and reclamation plans
  • Ensure compliance using environmental management system

We provide permitting services for mining, industrial, waste management, construction or agricultural projects in Canada, Nigeria and the United States.


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