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Generative HSE Inc provide services to clients, mostly in the areas of spill prevention and response training for onshore minor spills that may occur on facilities located on land. We are more involved and proactive in pre-incident and pre-project planning as a preventive approach rather than reactive to spill incident.

Organizations can significantly reduce the degree of environmental impacts that chemical or oil spills can have on the ecosystem, by evaluating the risk of spill relating to:

  • Projects execution.
  • Chemical storage facilities.
  • Chemical processing plants.
  • Transportation, handling and use of chemicals or oils.

Scientific knowledge has indicated that some of the industrial chemicals are known to be or contain carcinogens (causes cancer), teratogens (causes birth defect) or mutagens (causes gene alteration) and when released into the environment, some of these chemicals are capable of accumulating in the environment over long period and can have serious health effects on humans and other animals.

In most countries, there are stringent laws that are enacted to ensure the control and prevention of both intentional and accidental chemical releases into the environment. Infractions of environmental laws typically attracts litigation, serious fines and other forms of penalties.

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